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Undergraduate Academics

Undergraduate Academics
Study abroad is, first and foremost, an academic experience. Studying abroad is not just about traveling, you are taking courses, studying, and earning credits toward your degree. You are expected to participate fully in all academic components of your program. There are two main types of programs: Undergraduate Travel Seminars and Semester/Year Programs. Each program has distinct differences in course choices and how your credits apply. Please read the information that pertains to your program.


The CSP Study Abroad Office will assist in planning your academics. In addition to our support, be sure to meet with your academic advisor and faculty advisor when selecting courses. They will be able to guide you in selecting courses that will count toward your degree. Be flexible when selecting coursework abroad; all courses advertised may not be available during your term or may not work within your class schedule abroad. Students are encouraged to choose more courses than they plan to take in case courses are unavailable.


How to Register
  1. Fill out the Course Approval Record for Study Abroad and indicate how many credits you want to register for on that form. Students will receive this form at their acceptance meeting from their study abroad advisor.
  2. Once you have completed filling it out, drop it off with your study abroad advisor.
  3. The Registrar's Office will register you for the number of credits you indicated as a Study Abroad Course.
  4. Once we receive your transcript from the foreign university or study abroad program provider, the study abroad courses are added to your transcript.

Course Selection
You must take at least 12 credits per semester to remain a full-time student. With approval from faculty advisors, students may earn major or minor credits abroad. Students may also earn general education and elective credits abroad. A typical semester abroad consists of 15-16 credits, 4 or 5 courses from the following areas:

  • 2-3 general education courses
  • 1-2 major/minor courses
  • 1-2 electives  some students also complete an internship abroad

General Education Courses
We recommend students do not take the following general education courses their first semester at Concordia University. Many of these courses can be taken abroad. After meeting with a study abroad advisor and narrowing down program options fall semester, you will have a better idea of what courses you can fulfill abroad.

  • Fine Arts Global Studies
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Literature
  • Earth Science

International Studies Minor
Looking to add a minor? Develop your global perspective and earn up to 8 credits by studying abroad. Visit the International Studies Minor webpage for more information.

  • 22 credits needed to receive this International Studies Minor
  • 10 credits of required classes 12 credits of elective credits
  • Optional internship credits
  • Receive up to 8 credits from studying abroad Receive up to 8 credits from taking a language


CSP offers 3-4 travel seminars per year. Students must enroll in 1-2 of the travel seminar courses. Travel Seminar Courses are CSP credit and will count toward major, minor, general education, or elective credit. Courses usually require pre-trip meetings, participation in all activities abroad, and a final project once returned. For more information on course requirements, contact faculty trip leaders.

How to Register
Students will enroll in the course during Spring Semester. Students will need to leave room in their spring semester schedule for 2-4 credits depending on the course they choose.