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Graduate Academics

Graduate Academics
Students should register for their Global Study Travel seminar by registering for GST 597 (country title). For example, if your travel is to Ireland, you would register for GST 597 Ireland. In your degree audit, this course will automatically substitute for the course listed below in your program. For questions please reach out to your academic adviser. Please note that not all graduate programs have a travel course equivalent at this time. The list below is updated regularly, but we always recommend that you check with your academic advisor. 

Graduate Program

Course - Travel Equivalent

Masters of Arts in Education  
Early Childhood
ECE541 Diverse Classroom
Differentiated Instruction
DI536 Inclusion: Effective Practices for All Students
Educational Technology
ED507 Diversity in Education
Literacy with K-12 Reading Endoresement 
CI575 Teaching Literacy for Diverse Learners
Education Leadership
ED507 Diversity in Education
Trauma and Resilience
CI525 Innovation in Learning and Teaching
English as a Second Language (ESL)
ESL520 Language and Society 
 Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Leadership CJU500 Administration of Criminal Justice or
CJU590 Criminal Justice Leadership: Essential Skills
Master of Arts in Leadership and Management MLM552 Organizational Culture Management
Master of Arts in Human Resources Management HRG540 Organization Development for HR Professionals
Master of Business Administration MBA620 Strategic Leadership
Health Care Management
MBA560 Health Care Strategic Leadership
Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Management COM560 Intercultural Communication
Masters of Arts in Human Services  
Forensic Behavioral Health
HSV585 Cultural Awareness and Understanding for
the Human Service Professional
Masters of Arts in Family Science FAS534 Reflexive Assessment and Eval
Masters of Fine Arts ENG525 Studies in Contemporary Creative Nonfiction
Master of Arts in Sport Management KHS545 Ethics and Sociology in Sport and Exercise Science
Masters of Science in Exercise Science KHS570 Ethics and Sociology in Sport and Exercise Science
Masters of Science Coaching & Athletic Administration KHS545 Ethics and Sociology in Sport and Exercise Science